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Plywood toys


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I get a lot of requests from people asking if I can make more anatomy puzzles, clearly I have let it go to my head with this massive set.


I had to be a bit creative with the icons I used to represent the main functions that the different lobes control as they had to be ‘Raff friendly’, for example, I might have had a floppy disc for ‘memory’, but Raff had no idea what the flip that was, so it’s a USB drive, a bandaid 🩹 for ‘pain’ and of course, a seesaw for ‘balance’.


And as you can see, clearly Raff has the biggest brain in his class now, I mean, look at the last size of the thing!


Note: This puzzle has some smaller pieces than I usually make (but you gotta' love those cute little wooden lungs and heart), so, as with all my products, please always play with your little one with these.



37cm X 32 cm with 30 pieces including the base.