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  • Terra Kids Nesting Box, offeres children and their families a fun and interesting was to learn about nature around them and observe it in a friendly and kind way.
  • This kit comes with the wooden componenets to make a nesting box which can be placed outdoors.
  • Watch and observe bird life that make a home for themselves in there.
  • Suitable for all children, with younger ones needing help to asemble the nesting box.


The Haba Bird Nesting Box has 17 wooden pieces that easily slot and glue together to create a home for your feathered friends. An instruction booklet is enclosed with bird watching hints and the front door can be opened which allows for sneak peeks at the occupants and easy cleaning. HABA are famous for making toys just that little bit more special. All toys are designed in Germany. HABA wooden toys are made in Germany using sustainable PEFC certified wood.

Whats in the box

  • Wooden Set consisting of 17 pieces to glue togetjer.
  • Plywood model panels, 5cm thick.
  • Glue and instructions
  • Measures approximately 23cm x 15cm x 31cm