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Our French sets were inspired by Margaux at @thefrenchfolk These are sure to inspire lots of wonderful pretend play 👌🏻

These are handmade by our team of Artisans in Nepal using natural New Zealand sheep’s wool using an intricate needle felting technique, 

please be advised that we recommend these for age 3 plus. This set includes 11 pieces: 

1 x Baguette 🥖 

1 x Bunch purple grapes

1 x Tarte aux fraises (strawberry tart)

1 x Madeleine cake

1 x Oranais aux abricots 

1 x Chèvre Goats cheese 

1 x Roquefort Blue cheese 

1 x Camembert cheese 

1 x Pain au Raisen 

1 x Pain au chocolate 

1 x Croissant

1 x Chaussan aux pommes