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Freckled frog


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Eco House Play Set – Learning through play the importance of sustainable living at its most engaging. A whole new sensory experience and an eco-story to tell, encompassed in this complete open-ended educational set. From solar panels and solar hot water on the roof, a vegetable garden, chicken coop, windmill, and a compost bin amongst other sustainable features, all of this perfectly supports a child’s creative play immersed in a world of sustainable choices through modelling.The Eco House Play Set encourages discussions on environmental outcomes, and the importance of making good environmental decisions. What a wonderful way to learn about sustainable living practices. Play is such an important part of early childhood, providing children with opportunities to explore, enquire and make discoveries, in turn making sense of the world around them. Play allows children to improvise and imagine, connect with social and physical environments, share experiences and learn from others in an interchange of knowledge. Play also provides children with opportunities to build on emotional, physical and cognitive capabilities, ensuring children’s developmental skills can flourish.

  • 9 pieces in each set.
  • Made with FSC New Zealand pine and Plywood.
  • Learn about sustainable living practices.