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Plywood toys


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This double-sided wooden track set has been designed with Raff's Matchbox / Hotwheels and LEGO cars in mind(but they have also been used with a random assortment of Dinosaurs, Robots and the odd Minifig)


All tracks use the patented Plywood Toys wrench locking system! (ok, there is no patent, but Raff likes the way they are easy to go together) 


There are 19 double-sided wooden tracks (and some simple wooden cars and train made in my flatpack style as a bit of a bonus) and can be used as a road or train track set, or mixed up (as Raff likes to do)


Each piece averages 24cm high and 7,4cm wide with a 9mm thickness and made from a lightweight poplar wood so they can be easily handled by little hands.